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PDCI Medical performs die cutting and converting for numerous medical device manufacturers, small and large. Whether the product you need die cut is a finished good ready for distribution or simply a component that is assembled into your finished product, we can help. Our experience with the science of combining lamination, slitting and die cutting (or kiss cutting) processes lends itself well to handling the most sophisticated products. Our involvement with the automotive and electronic industries allows PDCI Medical to handle a wide range of sizes and materials.  

Medical Device

ISO 13485 Certified Manufacturer

Microcellular Foam Gasket


Surface Protection Film

Silicone Rubber Seal

Bonding Tapes & Adhesives

EMI/RFI Shielding

Foam Filtration

Monitor Display

Thermal Management

Noise Control / NVH

ISO 13485 Certified Clean Room Converting

PDCI Medical  offers die cut converted products and services for Medical Devices.

Catheter Securement

X-Ray / Scanners

Sensing Devices



EMC / EMI / RFI Shielding

Computer Server Cabinets




Surgical Drapes

Portable Handhelds

PPE / Face Shields



Material Selection


Gap Filler

Bond Strength Options

Single or Double Coated

Vibration Damping Properties

Thermal Insulation Properties

Foam Tape

Foam Tape

Anti-Slip Padding

Low Compression Set

Fine Closed Cell Structure

Impact Resistant Properties

Durometer / Hardness Options

Good Chemical & Environmental Resistance

Buna-N, NBR, SBR, Viton Rubber 

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic Rubber


Biocompatible Options

Hypoallergenic Options

Good Chemical Resistance

Padding, Filtration, Sound Absorption, Wiping


Open & Closed Cell Foam

Open & Closed Cell Foam

Elastomer Gasketing

High Temp Stability

Low Temp Flexibility

Good Chemical Resistance

Flammability Rated


Elastomer Gasketing

Medical GradeAdhesive

Low Outgassing

Skin Compatible Options

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Controlled Thickness Options

Acrylic & Silicone Based Options

Differential Adhesive Options for Dissimilar Substrates

Medical GradeAdhesive

Metallic Foil


Reflective Properties

Conductive Properties

Tamper Security Sealing

Excellent Thermal Insulator

Hot Melt or PSA Backed Options

Impenetrable to Moisture, Gas, or Light

Metallic Foil

Filtration Fiber

Polymer Filters (PP, PE, PTFE)

Glass Fiber Filters

Low Extractables

Hydrophilic Options

Paper & Cellulosic Filters

Variety of Fiber Sizes & Flow Rate Options


Filtration Fiber


Microcellular Structure

Good Chemical Resistance

Excellent Sealing Properties

Low-Outgassing, Non-Fogging

Extra Low Compressibility to Very Firm


Polyimide Film

Adhesive Bonding Options

Excellent Thermal Properties

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Conductive & Non-Conductive Options

Polyimide Film

For more information about PDCI Medical's additional material offerings for Medical Devices, please Contact Us.