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Let us help you find alternative fastening solutions by use of lightweight, low profile mounting & bonding tapes. We can offer a wide array of die cut material options most suited for your specific bonding requirements.

Mounting & Bonding Tapes

IATF 16949 Certified Manufacturer

 Foam Tape, Panel Bonding

Bonding Solutions for Glass, Composite, Plastic & Metal

PDCI offers die cut converted products and services for Mounting & Bonding.

Solar Panel Bonding

Rotor Blade Bonding

Structural Adhesive

Frame Bonding

Differential Adhesive Tape

Double Sided Foam Tape


Material Selection

Foam Tape

High Tack Bond Strength

Vibration Damping Properties

Single or Double Coated

Thermal Insulation Properties

Gap Filler

Foam Tape

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

High Bond Strength

UV Resistance

Temperature Resistance

Ability to Bond Dissimilar Substrates


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

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