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Pacific Die Cut Industries remains on the pulse of the latest technological advancements in alternative energy. With extensive knowledge and experience with die cutting, kiss cutting and lamination of a variety of custom-shaped films, metallic foils as well as electrically and thermally conductive adhesives.

Advanced Materials

IATF 16949 Certified Manufacturer

Precision Converting of Advanced Materials

PDCI offers die cut converted products and services for Advanced Materials.

Thermal Gap Filling Pad

Flex Circuit, Solar

Power Converter

Thermal Interface Material

Wind Turbine


Battery Thermal Management

PCB Thermal Management

IC to Heat Sink Bonding

Material Selection

Low Modulus Polymer

Gap Filling Pad

High Temp Stability

Good Flexibility

Flammability Rated

Conductive Fillers

Shock Absorbing

Conformable to Irregular Surfaces

Low Modulus Polymer

Rubber Coated Fiber

Fiber Reinforced Gap Filler

High Temp Stability


Silicone Free Options

Flammability Rated

Rubber Coated Fiber

Metallic Foil

Conductive Metallics: Tin, Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Aluminum

Electrical Conductivity

Thermal Conductivity

PSA Backed Options (Tapes)

Metallic Foil

Conductive Elastomers

Elastomeric Polymers with Conductive Fillers

Solid and Sponge Offerings

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Good Chemical Resistance

Good Sealing Properties


Conductive Elastomers

Conductive Adhesive

Low Outgassing

Conductive Adhesive Options

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Controlled Thickness Options

Differential Adhesive Options for Dissimilar Substrates

Variety of Performance Characteristics

Conductive Adhesive

Knitted Wire EMI Shielding

High Conductivity

Excellent EMI Shielding

Low Compression Set

Excellent Thermal Insulator

Tear Resistant

Foam & PSA Backed Options


Knitted Wire EMI Shielding

For more information about PDCI's additional material offerings for Advanced Materials, please Contact Us.