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PDCI has been a major supplier of gaskets, seals and filters for sealing and protection against air, moisture, and dust.  These custom die cuts, kiss cuts and laminations are converted with pressure sensitive adhesives from a wide range of materials.

Gaskets, Seals & Filters

IATF 16949 Certified Manufacturer

Polyimide Tape

Foam Ring, Speaker Seal

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Foam Pad, Battery

Foam Gasket, EMI Shield

Felt Pad, Non Woven

Your Trusted Source for Seals, Gaskets & Filters

PDCI offers die cut converted products and services for Gaskets, Seals & Filters.

Enclosure Sealing


Fluid & Chemical Processing

Electronic Instrumentation

Electronic Cabinet Sealing

Mobile Handheld Devices

Material Selection

EPT Sealer

Low Density & Extra Soft

High Compression & Rebound Strength

Sound Damping

Heat Resistant
Excellent UV & Ozone Resistance

Abrasion Resistant

EPDM Sponge Rubber

EPDM Sponge Rubber

Reticulated Foam

RF Absorbers

Embedded Conductive Carbon

Energy Attenuation

Padding, Filtration, Sound Absorption Uses

Reticulated Foam

Cellulose Fiber Blend

Fish Paper

Aramid Fiber

Vegetable Fiber

Lower Cost Option

Oil, Water, Gas & Solvent Resistance

Natural and Synthetic Cellulose Blends

Cellulose Fiber Blend

Silicone Sponge

High Temp Stability

Low Temp Flexibility

Good Chemical Resistance

Flammability Rated

Silicone Sponge

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Low Outgassing

Conductive Adhesive Options

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Controlled Thickness Options

Differential Adhesive Options for Dissimilar Substrates

Variety of Performance Characteristics

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

EVA Foam

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Good Buoyancy

Low Water Absorption


Firm Compressibility

Common Uses: Gap Fill, Panel Bumpers & Standoffs

EVA Foam

Filtration Fiber

Polymer Filters (PP, PE, PTFE)

Paper & Cellulosic Filters


Variety of MERV Ratings


Filtration Fiber



Microcellular Structure

Good Chemical Resistance

Excellent Sealing Properties

Low-Outgassing, Non-Fogging

Extra Low Compressibility to Very Firm

PSA Backed Options


Synthetic Rubber

Buna-N, NBR, SBR, Viton Rubber

Fine Closed Cell Structure

Good Chemical & Environmental Resistance

Impact Resistant Properties

Durometer / Hardness Options

Low Compression Set

Synthetic Rubber


High Density Sponge

Good Oil & Abrasion Resistance

Excellent Resistance to Effects of Weather and Ozone


For more information about PDCI's additional material offerings for Gaskets, Seals & Filters, please Contact Us.