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PDCI Automotive provides manufacturers and suppliers with proven materials, engineering and validation expertise to improve sealing performance in vehicles. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to select the best possible material and adhesive system for the application.

Automotive Seals & Gaskets

IATF 16949 Certified Manufacturer

Blower Seal

HVAC Duct Foam Seal

Airbox Enclosure Seal

Radiator Sealing Foam

Instrument Cluster Finish Panel

Material Selection

For more information about PDCI Automotive's additional material offerings for Sealing & Gasketing, please Contact Us.

More Applications

Means More Options

PDCI Automotive  offers a wide spectrum of sealing solutions for body interior and exterior:

Front Scuff Locator Seal

Cowl Top Louver Seal

Mirror Gap Filler

Mirror Gasket

Apron Seal

Inside Door Handle Seal

Door Garnish Foam Seal

HVAC Rubber Gasket

EPDM Foam Strip

EPT Sealer

Quarter Panel Sealing Foam

Liftgate Scuff Foam Seal

Speaker Sealing Foam

Foam Ring Seal

Lamp Seal