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With over 30 years of experience developing and fabricating acoustical materials for vehicles, PDCI Automotive is well-equipped to provide customer-oriented solutions to address increasingly challenging requirements on cost, performance, and weight.  

Acoustical and Vibrational Performance

IATF 16949 Certified Manufacturer

Engine Cover Silencer

Engine Undercover

Silencer, Wheel House Liner

A, B, C, D - Pillar

Seat Cushion Insulator

Rear Deck Trim Silencer

Trunk Silencer

Cowl Scuff NVH Pad

Gas Tank Insulator

Door Trim Silencer

Front Floor Pan Silencer

Body Side Insulator

Material Selection

For more information about PDCI Automotive's additional material offerings for NVH, please Contact Us.

  • WSB-M3G102-B
  • WSB-M3G212-A
  • WSK-M2D406-A
  • WSS-M99P32-C
  • WSD-M5-G57-A
  • TSL3505G
  • TSL3608G
  • TSF7365G
  • TSZ0001G
  • TSK5702G
  • TSK6505G
  • TSK6712G
  • TSM0500G
  • FMVSS No. 304
  • MS-HZ-100
  • GM2227M
  • GMW14194

Meeting Automotive


PDCI Automotive  provides  various material solutions meeting OEM specifications including but not limited to: